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If you are in need of some type of purchase loan, rest assured, we can help. We are approved to lend with over 150 of the very best banks and lenders, so if it can be done, we can do it, and we can do it better than the rest. We have literally thousands of different programs to assist you with, all with rock bottom rates and fees. We are even authorized to offer all of the Government programs you may have been hearing about lately. This means that we can provide programs that require little or even NO DOWN PAYMENT, all while being more forgiving if you have had some credit or income problems.

The rates and fees are also still exceptional. Not all companies are allowed to offer these programs, so even if you have been turned down elsewhere, you should still give us a shot. The Government programs are obviously not the only ones we offer, but instead of listing every single kind of program that we can offer here, and potentially boring you with a very long list, why don’t you contact us today so that we can provide you with a free personal loan quote that is tailored to your specific situation or request. It’s as simple as clicking our “Free Rate Quote” button on our home page or filling out the form below!


Thank you for visiting our Free Rate Quote page. Just take a few minutes to answer these harmless, but very important questions, and we will respond within 24 hours with your free rate quote. Please remember that by providing us with complete and accurate info, this will allow us to be complete and accurate with our quotes as well.

Your Name
Your Email Address
Who will be on the loan with you (if more than
one borrower, please also provide their info for
all of the coming questions)?

What is your (all borrowers) occupation and how
long on the job (we need to get a full history
for the last 2 years only. Explain any lapses of
more than 1 month between jobs)?

What is your combined gross monthly income
before taxes that can be documented for all
borrowers applying (If self employed, please
also give net income after taxes)?

What is the approximate combined amount of all
of your liquid assets (e.g., checking, savings,
401k, stocks, bonds, retirement, etc.)?

Do you know your credit scores (need for all
borrowers)? If not, would you rate your credit
as being excellent, good, fair, or poor (if fair
or poor, explain why. E.g., have you had
mortgage lates, BK, etc.)?

How will you use the home (primary
residence/living in it, 2nd home/vacation,
investment, etc.)?
Approximately, what is the total monthly
obligation amount for all of your mortgage
payments (or monthly rent if that applies
instead), property taxes, homeowners insurance,
credit cards, and auto loans? Please itemize and
include other properties that yo

What type of home are you buying (e.g., single
family, condo, duplex, etc.)?
How much do you have to apply towards a down
payment (a minimum of 3.5% down is required in
most cases)?
What is the purchase price that you need
financing for?
If you have already found a home to buy, what is
the subject property home address? If you are
still trying to find a home to buy, what are the
zip codes (or at least the State) that you are
looking in?

Have you already signed a contract to buy the
Have you attempted to secure financing anywhere
else, but been declined? If so, what were the
reasons for being turned down (this is just so
that we can work around any known issues ahead
of time)?

What is the best written quote that you have
received so far (we may ask to see this to offer
you our price guaranty)?

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