"A Bi-Weekly mortgage is best for anyone who wants faster equity buildup. It’s a great disciplinary tool.” -New York Times.

Did you know that banks collect nearly $2.60 for every $1.00 you borrow? Most of us just go along with this system because we think we don’t have a choice. With our Bi-Weekly Payment Program, you will accelerate the payoff of your loan, save thousands of dollars in interest, reduce your loan term AND lower your effective interest rate. Would you believe that this all gets done without paying anything extra each month on your mortgage payment? This is not magic, it’s just simple math. If this sounds hard to believe, just click on our Bi-Weekly mortgage calculator to see for yourself how much you should be saving.

We are dedicated to helping borrowers save money and pay off their mortgage years ahead of schedule. We believe that most homeowners’ goal is to own their home free and clear, and we learned that by simply making additional principal payments, the loan term would be shortened substantially. Our Bi-Weekly schedule provides for an easy but effective way to accelerate the payoff of your loan, but it is more than just saving money. In the world of banks and loans, there is no organization that represents the consumer to their lender. We act as your liaison to resolve any problems that may occur throughout the process of your loan.

Do I need to contact my lender and/or my bank before I use your service?

- No! You do not need to notify anyone. Your application will initiate a direct withdrawal of a Bi-Weekly payment from your account. Everything is connected through the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House (ACH).

How do you ensure the security of my account?

- Our Bi-Weekly program is regulated by Federal Regulation E which protects consumers from unauthorized electronic debits. (Ask your local bank for further details.) As an affiliate member of the Federal Reserve's ACH division, NACHA, and licensed by the Financial Institutions Division of the Department of Business and Industry, all funds are FDIC insured, and offered with an exclusive unconditional 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

How can I be sure the mortgage payments are being made?

- All payments processed through this service will appear on your monthly bank statement. You can also call your lender to verify payment. Everything is done electronically to ensure payments are made on time. This is our job.

What if I sell, refinance, or my mortgage is sold?

- Once you have established your Bi-Weekly account with us, you may continue or stop at any time. You may also make additional payments to help pay your mortgage down even faster, but that is up to you. If you sell your home or refinance, we will transfer your account to your new mortgage at no additional cost.

What if my lender says they don’t accept Bi-Weekly payments?

- There are very few lenders who will accept Bi-Weekly payments directly from you, but they will accept them once you enroll in our program. All banks and lenders are member of the Federal Reserve, so they must follow the Federal Reserve’s policies for ACH transactions.

What does the service cost?

- Our service only costs $395.00, and this can be paid in three easy installments over the first three months of using the service. There is also a $3.75 service fee for each mortgage payment processed. We think you will agree that this is a VERY small price to pay when the average savings through the payment program is $60,000.00. Please be sure to use our handy Bi-Weekly calculator so that you can see just how much you should be saving.

Bi Weekly Calculator

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