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Thank you for your interest in our Commercial Lending programs. As a discount mortgage broker with access to over 150 of the very best commercial lenders in the nation, we obviously have ample resources to select from. As such, we will provide you with the most cost effective loan programs available anywhere. This is not an embellishment. While our competition may also have ample resources to pick from, they usually have pre-existing relations with specific lenders that they do business with. This means that they provide you with loans that are better for them and less about offering you what is best for your situation. We want to build a long term relationship with our clients whenever possible so we take the steps necessary to do so. We have developed a precise method to shop all of our lenders and field the best offers for you (can you imagine how long it would take you to shop 150+ lenders. we can do this in just a couple of days). We then speak directly with the top 3 lenders that are offering the best pricing and further negotiate for you. The lender that comes up with the best pricing at this point is the lender whose offer we present to you (there can only be ONE lender offering the best pricing while all others are just playing for 2nd place. You do want the best loan, right?) This allows us to be confident that what we are presenting is hands down the best offer that you will receive, especially since our competition rarely goes through the stringent process that we apply.

In the event that all of this sounds like it is worth allowing us to at least provide you with some loan quotes, we have attached some forms and listed some items that will help us very much in finding you the best financing. If you do not currently have any or all of these items, then just send what you do have and we will do my best to assist you for now. Just understand that these items will be required at some point in the process, and they are imperative to providing you with an accurate quote. You have no doubt heard about the turmoil that is surrounding the mortgage market as a result of the “mortgage meltdown”. One of the bi-products of this turmoil is that several lending sources have gone out of business. This means that the sources that are still funding loans have more prospects to choose from than ever before, so they are cherry picking only the best documented loans. It also means that they are scrutinizing each new loan submission more so than ever. The only loans that are getting approved right now are the ones that are submitted with all of the required documentation. Even if even one item is missing, the loan submission usually will be turned down. We feel it necessary to explain this because if you have not applied for a loan in a while, then you may not be aware that things have changed drastically. In the past it was feasible to get loan approval based on a strong credit score and financials, but that is no longer the case.

With the following items we can issue you an actual commitment letter from a lender in just a short amount of time. The commitment letter does not obligate you to anything. It only allows you to have a formal written offer so that you can view all of the important details. The items necessary to issue the letter are:

  1. Personal Financial Statement (see documents below - Please provide the pertinent info for all borrowers that will be applying. If it is a corporation then all officers will need to fill out a separate application).
  2. Digital photos of the property (six or more ideal) or existing color copy appraisal.
  3. Three years personal and business tax returns for all borrowers.
  4. Recent credit report (I can also pull one for you if you like). At the very least, I need to know your mid Fico score.
  5. Rent Roll (if applicable to your property - see documents below).
  6. Complete lease/rental agreements (If applicable to your property).
  7. Income and Expense statements for Year to Date and previous two years (see documents below
  8. Executive summary/Project Summary detailing your loan request and any potential hurdles that I should know about.
  9. Financial statements.
  10. Three months complete bank statements for all assets (both personal and business. Feel free to black out account #’s if this makes you more comfortable).
  11. Copy of the deed and tax bill.
  12. Copy of Purchase Contract (if purchase transaction).

Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any of your questions. We are a licensed lender in good standing with the Department of Real Estate, and we will take much care to provide you with the service that you require.

Documents Needed

Commercial Application

Your Name
Your Email Address
Loan amount requested
What is the client going to buy/refi or build
Where is project located
What is the collateral and what is its current

Date purchased and original cost if refi
Down payment
Existing Liens (if any)
What cash has been contributed or is available
to be contributed

Net Operating Income (NOI) (last 2 years and
Liquidity (cash) of borrower(s)
Net Worth of borrower(s)
Owner user
% Owner if answered YES or PARTIAL above
Net rentable square feet (except for apartments)
Market rent (Triple net, etc.)
Purpose of loan
Credit of guarantor
Value of collateral
Basis for value (NOI/cap rate, comparable,
opinion, etc.)
Value of cross collateral, if applicable
How will loan be paid back
Please provide a detailed use of funds
Number of pre-sales (for construction loans)
Developer/borrower info – please elaborate
Mid Fico score for all parties to the loan
Property Address
Image Verification
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